3 Reasons why you will never become rich at your day job (Part One)
Written by Sammuel Bowden on Jun. 3rd 2018
Let's face it, you will never become rich at your day job. The truth hurts doesn't it? But why should you want to become rich in the first place? There are many reasons why you should want to be rich in this unpredictable world we live in. Most reasons have nothing to do with materialistic goals. But before we get into why you should want to become wealthy in life, let's talk about why you'll never do so at your day job.

1. The Hourly Equation

If you want to become wealthy, you must look for a way to break the hourly equation. There is a finite number of hours a person can work within a day, therefore there is a finite number of dollars one can make. Building wealth requires you to have multiple sources of income, but this can't be done effectively if each income is dependent on your physical attendance. Even with Overtime pay, your body is still limited by design, so in order to dramatically increase your annual income, you will need to position yourself within a market that allows you to make money while you do other things - a market that allows you to automate a process so your business will continue to run while you are sleep or at another job.

2. Company Budget

At a company, you have a role to play and that role has a monetary value. Companies are designed to be efficient so that employees can be paid just enough to be complacent within their position. It's not that companies want to be stingy with their funds, they just need to be able to make a good profit at the end of the day. The less money you are paid for your role, the more money the company has to reinvest (or divide among the C-Level executives). So as long as a budget exists, you will never be able to earn more than the person above you on the ladder (for most companies) as long as you have a role to play. That role isn't meant to make you wealthy, it's meant to help make the company more efficient. In a company, it's not about you. You are a role, and that role has a set value. Even the sales you work hard to close make the company significantly more money than what you are paid for that role.

3. The Worker Design 

Let's face it, employment is not designed to make you rich - the numbers wouldn't make sense when you include a company's budget. As an employee, you are a part of an assembly line. You get paid specifically to fill in a role. There may be times where you are able to "feel" more important and work outside of your role, and you may even be promoted over time; but your net profit won't change much. As your pay slightly increases, so will your taxes. Business owners can write-off many things that regular employees can't. Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men alive has a lower tax rate than his secretary. This alone should say something to you about the worker design. 

These are just some of the reasons why jobs can't make you rich. In my next article, I will discuss why it is important to build wealth. No, you shouldn't jump up and quit your job to start your own business. Everything has a process, and success takes time. There are ways to generate an income on the side while still being able to keep your day job, take care of your kids, and have free time left on the weekends.

Sammuel Bowden

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